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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                319

am grown of late very melancholy, very ranz de

I have begun to make my stables, but It does
not interest me ; yet I am in good health, but
grown thin and looking old. But what does it
signify? you will be glad enough to see the bag-
of-bones return safe to you.

I am surprised at Sir Walter Raleigh's name
not being given to any town, river, or street, in
the island. In the Port of Spain we have streets
called after kings and princes, as also after Dun-
can, St. Vincent, Nelson, the late Governor Cha-
con—and why not Walter Raleigh ? as much
superior a genius to those men as they are to the
cabin-boy; for he was great in more than one pro-
fession. Get some general collection of voyages
and read the original narrative ot the conquest of

What fools people are to flock here, as to
Eldorado, without any previous enquiry! There is
quite a rage for possessions here, Mr. Lushing-
ton, at first sight, gave £30,000 for an estate at
Nagravine, which the owner acknowledged to me

i " Ah," said an English lady of our acquaintance, who
had travelled in Switzerland and heard of the disease which
absent Swiss call mal du pays—" Ah, I pity those poor Swiss,
they suffer so dreadfully from that horrid ranz de vache"